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capture interesting parts of a podcast with just a screenshot

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how it works:

ever hear something interesting on a podcast that you want to remember for later, but don't want to take the time to peck out notes on your phone?

memcast solves this: if you hear something interesting, just take a screenshot of your lock screen. Later, upload all your screenshots to memcast.

memcast will automatically identify the podcast, episode, and timestamp. Then it will summarize what was said around that timestamp, and save it to your memcast notebook! 📒

get started:

memcast notebooks are tied to username-only.

that means if you want to share your notebook with multiple people, you can all use the same username.

but if you want to limit discoverability of your notebook, pick a more unique username!

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v0.2 | a project by Sam Rawal | @samarthrawal

memcast - Capture interesting parts of a podcast with a screenshot! | Product Hunt